You Think Airport Restrictions Are Bad…

If you think the airport restrictions are bad, you should see Amtrak’s. Seriously. Take a look at this editorial from the LA Times. In an attempt to properly restrict firearms on trains (e.g., transport them secured and in locked boxes), a typo in the legislation resulted in:

The guidance and procedures developed under paragraph (1) shall . . . include any other measures needed to ensure the safety and security of Amtrak employees, passengers and infrastructure, including in fiber, wood, or metal boxes.

Translation: All passengers must be locked in boxes and stored in baggage check. As the editorial notes, lawyers are trying to figure out what to do about a federal law that requires Amtrak to stow riders in baggage check, and Congress will no doubt rectify the error next session and insert the correct language. Meanwhile (and this is the best part about the editorial), the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has noted that each year about 30,000 Americans are already securely locked away in human-size boxes, thanks to guns.