Mobile Music

Driving home tonight from working out with my iPod playing, I got to think about the music in my life…

I started getting into music when my brother died, and I got a portable reel-to-reel tape recorder. I started then recording records and making custom reels. I soon got a cassette player (and old Craig), and quickly switched to cassettes. The cassettes continued for many years. I remember a Zenith player I adapted to work in my first car. I remember taking cassettes to camp in a briefcase. The collection grew until it filled a wall. I got portable cassette recorders and used them for years, even after I had switched to CDs for the house.

Then I discovered how to record CDs. Soon, I was converting my vinyl to CDs (and converted most of my collection, recording everything again). Portable CD players became what I listened to. I got a car with a CD player, and then a 6-CD changer.

Then I got the iPod. Suddenly, it was rip time again. This time, in addition to all my CDs, I was getting new (old) records and ripping them straight to the iPod. It is amazing to think that a cassette collection that took a whole wall morphed to a CD collection filling a wall… and now fits on a device that fits in my shirt pocket.

Technology is amazing…