November Changes to California Highways

Yesterday and this morning I did updates to the Highway Pages:

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. I’m taking advantage of the day after Thanksgiving to do an update. The following are any updates from backed up email changes, notes from my reading of the papers (which are usually posted to the Facebook group), as well as updates from misc.transport.road (which has become useless). This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(1), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Alan Mintz(2)]:Route 47(1), Route 72(2), Route 91(1), Route 118(1), US 101(1), I-80(1), I-710(1), I-405(1). Additionally, Mike Locke provided an update on the steepness of Route 4.

Noted that past issues of California Highways and Public Works appear to be available online. One source is the Internet Archive; Nathan Edgars has also made them available via Wikipedia. I should note that the California Highways Wikipedia project is independent from this site: I do not work on the Wikiproject, although they may obtain information from my site. The editor of the Wikiproject, Nathan, has occasionally provided me with updates for my pages.

Looked for updates for the legislative information page. There were no updates, except for a special session called to deal with water policy.

Did something I’ve been meaning to do for over two years: a broken link check. A large number of links were deleted. This wasn’t a small task, taking over 10 hours to check over 2,200 links, with over 500 of them being bad, and then identify where they were in the pages and remove them. Notable removables were Jeff Stapler’s pages with Western Exits (the site has just disappeared), Joel Windmiller’s highway pages that weren’t preserved elsewhere (his original PacBell site is, surprisingly, still up, but his highwayman-routes is long gone, and he’s never fleshed out Goldenstatehighways as promised), and all the Geocities pages (including Neuman Parada’s and the original California Highways pages by David Stanek). I guess I’m the sole survivor in terms of route listings, no pictures. Caltrans has also moved a bunch of sites around, and newspapers, as they tend to do, have pulled source articles offline. I should also note that I discovered an error in Caltrans’ Calnexus pages: they indicate that Route 75‘s page is 75.pdf, but that gives a 404. However, the older version of the exit list is still there at seventyfivenorth.pdf and seventyfivesouth.pdf.

I checked the CTC Liaision page,, but there was not a November meeting of the CTC. The next meeting is the week of December 9, 2010.