Conference Week 1, Day 1

This is the first day of this week’s conference; I’ve got another one next week in a different city. This is actually quite the enjoyable conference this year (perhaps because I’m feeling so much better than I was last year in Dallas). The subject is interesting, and its an area where the right approach is being taken with respect to security. I’m seeing a lot of folks that I know, and I’m making some good contributions both in in-session and in-the-hall discussions. I’m also having fun doing the usual networking of introducing people to other people they should meet.

Tonight is the networking social, however, and I’m skipping out. It has a Hollywood theme, and people are encouraged to come in costume. Short of going as Orson Wells (hey, us chubby bearded guys have to unite), it doesn’t really call out to me. I may just go find a local dive and have dinner.