Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Back when I was in college, hanging around the UCLA Computer Club, Dana Moreland (I wonder whatever happened to him…) introduced me to a little game called “Ace of Aces”. This was a WWI aircraft combat game consisting of two books. Eventually, I acquired other books in the series: Early Machines, Powerhouse, and the WWII followon, Wingleader.

I mention this because I was reading the LA Times webpage over lunch, and up comes an ad for a Flash-browser version of “Ace of Aces”. I can’t investigate it much over lunch, but the ad makes it look like a version of the old book game. There’s some description on the Wikipage for its publisher, InstantAction. I wonder if it was licensed or had the involvment of Alfred Leonardi, the original designer of Ace of Aces. Anyone know?