My Sunday

So, what happened today so far?

  • I woke up with my headache from last night. Excedrin, Mucinex, a hot shower, and iced Jasmine tea, and it’s gone. Yeah!
  • Went with NSS&F to Mitzvah Day. Varished some bookcases for a women’s shelter.
  • Came home, and finished cleaning the house. NSS&F played with The Karate Kid.
  • Tonight, we’re having dinner with ellipticcurve and venedotia, her new roommate.

That’s actually about it. Not that exciting a day, but at least the headache is gone, the house is clean, most of the laundry will be done by the end of the day (gf_guruilla will fold it tomorrow), I’m feeling better, and we’re getting to meet a new person. So, all in all, I guess it was good.

P.S.: I noticed a number of folks have friended me. I typically don’t friend back unless I have a sense of who you are. This can either be by knowing someone I know, regular commenting on my posts, interesting non-friends-only stuff in your blog, or your introducing yourself to me. So, to those one-ways out there: introduce yourself!