A Visiting Day: Visiting Friends in San Jose/Mountain View

Today’s vacation day was for visiting friends. We started by travelling down to San Jose to visit with our friends Mike and Carol G. Erin cooked lunch, which made her feel much better, and we ate her excellent lunch, which made us feel much better :-). After chatting away the afternoon, we went up to Mountain View to visit with the Biggar clan (which has grown, both in number and much taller, at least for the kids). Although we had seen some recently and others more recently, it was nice seeing the ones we hadn’t seen in a long time as well (I think it has been at least five years since we’ve seen the Walls … and Larry appreciated when I told him that Erin referred to me as the Godfather of Perl, I instantly got images of putting dead pythons on people’s beds).

After dinner, we went out to Palo Alto for Tinyard Hill… but you already knew that, didn’t you.