Disappearing Landmarks: Granada Hills, Westwood Village

Today’s lunchtime reading of the news led me to some interesting articles regarding disappearing landmarks:

  • Granada Hills. The LA Observed Blog (la_observed) today highlighted a new blog on Granada Hills (now syndicated to LJ as granada_hills), which led me to this post about the 1960’s Ralphs at Chatsworth and Balboa. I drive past that location every day (it’s where we pick up ellipticcurve for the vanpool). I never knew that was a former Ralphs, or one that had such interesting design, with a fascinating roof and signage. I’ll have to look closer when I go by today.
  • Westwood Village. The LA Times is reporting on how the movie theatre scene in Westwood Village is changing. A while back, the Manns National closed (the big brown whale) — I had many a good time at that theatre, and its where I saw the first Star Wars. Last Thursday, the Mann Festival theatre on Lindbrook closed (this was the former UA theatre next to the former Bratskeller… which used to be a Ralphs), and early the Mann Westwood 4 (which I think was the old UA theatre south of Wilshire, near where Westward Ho used to be) and the Mann Plaza (not sure which this one was). The article also notes that Mann isn’t renewing the lease of the Bruin and the Village. I remember seeing many movies in Westwood in my college days (including at the Avco — I have no idea what that is these days). Westwood Village has really changed — from the happening hot spot in the 1970s and 1980s to a dead zone.