But Don’t Get It Wet

A woman, wanting to remember her deceased dog, and having collected bags and bags of his shed fur, had it spun into yarn and knitted into an afghan. It now sits on top of a side table in her living room with a piece of glass over it. There appear to be a number of sites that do this – just search on “Pet Yarn”.

According to the article,the cost to spin the yarn varies, depending on the pet’s hair and any special care and handling it might need, but prices start around $10 to $12 per ounce. Only long-haired cat fur and the fluffy undercoat of a dog can be spun into a yarn. Dog and cat fur tends to be shorter and more slippery than wool, requiring more twists per inch to help it stay together, and dog fur in particular tends to be stinky due to a natural lanolin in the dogs’ skin.