Redecorating The Place

I’m not one that likes change. One expression of that is my Livejournal layout (a modified Component: That Green Superhero), which I’ve had since I could first customize my journal in 2004. I’m beginning to get the urge to redecorate the place, so I would like some opinions. Pay attention to the following figures: there will be a quiz afterwards. Note to those on Facebook: Comment with your opinons, or create a LiveJournal account and vote in the actual poll. You may need to click on through to Livejournal to see the images.

Option 0: Component: That Green Superhero

Option 1: Expressive: Subway White

Option 2: Expressive: Inked Blue

Option 3: Expressive: Minimalist Green

Option 4: Expressive: Scribe

Option 5: Bloggish: Green

Option 6: 3 Column: Green of Envy

Option 7: Expressive: Landscape Country Day

So, given those choices, how do you think I should redecorate the places. Note that if I have the options to change the shade of green, I’ll adjust it to match what is on the California Highways page. (If you didn’t look at the table of figures above, you can click on the link to see the figures)