From The Oddbeat News Department: BLITEOW, Kosher Search Engine, Publicity Stunts

Some interesting items, from today’s lunchtime reading of the news:

  • From the “BLITEOW” Department: For those that didn’t figure it out already, Saturday was “Blog Like It’s The End Of The World”. This is a day when blogs write as if the world was coming to the end, often due to a zombie attack. Well, according to an opinion piece in the LA Times, there are some zombies attacking. Zombie politicians, to be more specific. Newt Gingrich, to be even more specific. His foreys into politics just won’t stay dead. Dick Cheney is rapidly becoming a zombie as well.
  • From the “Don’t Try To Search for Cats and Cheezeburgerz” Department: According to Yahoo! Tech, there is a new search engine for the very Orthodox Jews: Koogle. The site, at, omits religiously objectionable material, such as most photographs of women which Orthodox rabbis view as immodest. It appears to meet the standards of Orthodox rabbis. Its links to Israeli news and shopping sites also filter out items most ultra-Orthodox Israelis are forbidden by rabbis to have in their homes, such a television sets. Nothing can be posted on the Jewish Sabbath, and supposedly if you try to buy something on the Sabbath, it gets stuck and won’t let you.
  • From the “Shameless Publicity Stunts” Department: At the Edinburgh Fringe show in the UK, there is a new competition: the Malcolm Hardee Award for Best Publicity Stunt. The front-runner is comedian Lewis Schaffer, who earlier this month sent out a press release claiming that the Edinburgh Comedy Awards were going to be renamed in his honour after he’d agreed to sponsor them for £99. Of course, one might argue that the award itself is a publicity stunt…