Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Days of Summer

We’re getting closer to knowing what is happening this summer. At least nsshere’s school plans are in a known shape.

When she met with her counselor early this year, she planned to take French 2 over the summer in order that she could fit in her performing arts electives. Alas, not a single high school in the valley was offering French 2 (they were all Spanish); in any case, the issue became moot as LAUSD has cancelled most summer school classes… and most certainly any language classes. We looked into the community colleges, but the only college offering French 2 was Moorpark College, and that class was full (as an aside, I’ll note that the LA Community Colleges have cancelled their second session of summer classes).

A lead in the los_angeles community led us to explore UCLA Extension. They have a French 2 course for $480, but it was conducted entirely in French and was in the evenings in Westwood, increasing the difficulty of transportation. A friend referred us to BYU’s Independent Study program, which also had a French 2 course ($129). Our daughter met with her counselor, who was familar with the program, and indicated it was acceptable.

Voilà! I went to the BYU site, and she is now enrolled. The bullet (of the cancellation of LAUSD summer classes) has been dodged. We will still, of course, have to arrange for a proctored final exam, but it looks like they have exam centers at CSUN and Sylvan Learning Centers in Northridge.