Out With The Old

Today’s collection has a common theme: getting rid of the old…

  • From the “Do Web Pages Go To Heaven When They Die?” Department: After many, many years, Yahoo! is terminating their Geocities service… and yet another provider of free web pages bites the dust. Remember when people expressed themselves on the web by putting up personal web pages? That’s so 1990s. Now, people just put up pages on Facebook or MySpace, and no one needs personal pages. Soon, no one will even know what ~username means. Of course, the death of Geocities means I need to examine my highway links pages… for a number of highway pages were (at one time) on Geocities.
  • From the “Hotel to the Stars” Department: The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Century Plaza Hotel is facing demolition. Years after the ABC Entertainment Center and the Shubert Theatre were demolished, the fancy hotel across the street may be the next to see the wrecking ball. The modern hotel (for 1966) in the semi-city designed for the next century seems not to have weathered well. Is Los Angeles following in the footsteps of Las Vegas as a city that doesn’t know how to preserve its history? I hope not.
  • From the “How Quickly They Fall” Department: The backlash against Susan Boyle has already started, just because she dumped her frumpy looks, dyed her hair, and got a brow trim. Is our society so shallow we can only root for someone when they are ugly? No, you don’t have to answer me.