Growing Older is a Bitch

There have been a number of news stories of late that have gotten me thinking about growing older and the aging process:

  • From the “She was as pure as Ivory… oh, never mind” Department: Yesterday’s news brought word of the death of Marilyn Chambers at age 56. For you youngsters out there, Marilyn Chambers was the one time mom on the Ivory Snow box, who also had this little career as a porn actress back in the days when porn movies had plots… and some of them were actually well known audience draws (such as her movie, Behind the Green Door). What I found interesting was not the main porn aspect (although she didn’t have the typical porn hyperinflated look), but more her age. Just like the question in 70 Girls 70, “Where do the elephants go?”, where do aging porn stars go? Do they just fade away. You rarely see obits on porn stars. Marilyn was a rarity, in that aspect.
  • From the “But Her Boot Size Didn’t Change” Department: Another sex kitten in the news is Nancy Sinatra, who was famous in my youth for “These Boots Are Made For Walking” (YouTube Video). The OC Register just had a story on her: she’s now 68, and I’m sorry, but not quite a pretty sight. Botox was her friend, indeed.
  • From the “Success Story” Department: But just to show folks can age gracefully, I point you again to Valerie Bertinelli. Beautiful at 48. You want older? Try Bernadette Peters, looking good at 61. Dawn Wells is looking good into her 70s. So it can be done.

[For the ladies out there: I know this is from a guys POV. Feel free to share your stories of men that have aged well… and those that have not.]