Today’s Episode: “This Is Yesterday’s Post” or “Grrrrr. Earthlink.”

Well, I would have posted something yesterday, but Earthlink saw fit to have some system problem, and the DSL dropped at around 3:30pm. We had our tax appt. at 4:30pm (getting back around 6:00pm), and the DSL didn’t come back until some time between 1am and 5am, when I got up and rebooted the modem and found a restored DSL.

So, whatever I was going to write about is set by the wayside to comment on Earthlink’s customer service. I called them around 8:15pm last night. After going through their menus (I hate hate hate the “say it” type of phone menus), instead of an agent, I got a recording that said (essentially), “Call volumes are extremely high due to a system outage. It should be fixed in an hour. We are disconnecting your call. (click)”.

I’m sorry folks, but that’s not the way to run customer service.