“Progress of the March” Report

Well, working through the front chapters of the Shon Harris book is continuing (I’m making up for the early chapters where I didn’t do note cards). I’ve now only got two domains remaining:

× Information Security and Risk Management   × Cryptography
Access Control   × Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Security Architecture and Design   × Legal, Regulations, Compliance, and Investigations
× Physical and Environmental Security   × Application Security
× Telecommunications and Network Security   × Operations Security

Once I’ve done all the note cards, then I’m going to start listening to the CISSP podcasts from our course last June (although I’ll likely listen to those whilst flying back and forth to COS next week), going through the CISSP For Dummies book, and starting to do any practice test I can find. I’m scheduled to take the test on April 18th, and plan to take the four days before the test as vacation days, hiding in the stacks at Oviatt Library to study.