Newspaper News

One of the reasons I like LA Observed (la_observed) is their coverage of the newspaper industry, depressing though it may be. So, I just sent their editor a little piece I noticed that doesn’t portend well for Seattle, nay other cities: The Seattle P-I (the oldest newspaper in Seattle) has been put up for sale. What’s more, if Hearst doesn’t sell it in the next 60 days, it is either closing shop or going web-only. What’s scary is that, with Singleton’s cuts down here in LA, I could see the Daily News, and the rest of the Medianews SoCal papers, going the same way. For those in the Bay Area, remember that the Mercury News is also a Singleton property. At least we have the safety and security of the Los Angeles Time…. oh, never mind.

Where is Lou Grant and that great paper, the LA Tribune. Oh, that’s right. Its fictional. Perhaps the Herald-Examiner? After all, the building is still there.