Stubborn Until The End

My father-in-law passed away this morning.

Jay was an accountant, just like my parents. He was a workaholic accountant (are there any other kinds?)… so we always expected him to go feet first in the office. Almost happened, except that he had some mild chest pains this morning. He took a shower, and after that didn’t help, took a vicodin and had my mother-in-law drive him to the hospital. He refused to call an ambulance. He passed away on the way to the hospital of a massive heart attack.

When my father died, I wrote a remembrance post. I have different memories of Jay, as we didn’t do that much together.

Of course, I remember Jay at his office, entering data into LaCerte, his accounting program. We would go through random stuff and he would find things we had forgotten. Talk about the family and the grandkids.

I remember him getting take out at El Pollo Loco for family dinners.

I remember him playing with his grandkids, who he adored. It always brought a smile to his face to play with them.

nsshere is sitting behind me as I type this. She asked me to add the time he almost set her bathroom on fire by turning on the heater, or when he had his hearing aid off during her bat mitzvah. In fact, his hearing aid was always conveniently off when he didn’t want to hear something.

I remember his voice, with a hint of a Canadian accent.

I remember his garage, which was as bad a Fibber McGee’s closet.

nsshere remembers his changing his position on Proposition 8, thanks to the sermon given by our rabbi.

He didn’t crack as many jokes as my dad, but he had a weird sense of humor.

I remember that he was usually easy to find: he was at the office.

I will likely have more later, but that’s what comes to mind. Rest easy, Jay. You can relax this tax season.