Silently Disappearing

A while back, I wrote about how I still follow the goings on at previous congregations. One of the things I’m interesting in is where the people go. I find it interesting how clergy sometimes silently disappears.

At our former congregation, Temple Beth Hillel, I noticed in their September newsletter that there was no mention of Cantor Alan Weiner. They were using substitute cantors for the high holidays, and he was off the clergy list for their website. He hasn’t resurfaced. I dropped them a note, and I was told he was on a leave of absence. I found out later through the grapevine that something happened to his voice, and he lost the ability to sing. It would have been nice to acknowledge the man, and not silently eliminate him.

I also follow Rabbi Sheryl Nosan-Blank, who is presently at Temple Or Rishon in Orangevale. I say “presently”, because I went to look at their site this month, and in their President’s message, it said, “The decision to let the Rabbi’s contract lapse has been an emotional time for everyone. The decision is behind us and now we must work toward the future. Rabbi Sheryl is committed to our community until next June.” So she’s leaving another congregation. She’s just a sweet person and caring, and to see something like this always bothers me.

I hope both Cantor Alan and Rabbi Sheryl well.