It’s Weird Out There Again

We have another fire near us, this time up in Sylmar, moving towards the upper reaches of Granada Hills. We have no danger of the fire coming down here in the urban areas, but the smoke and ash sure is… much worse than during the Sesnon fire.

I just got back from feeding Rocky, ixixlix‘s dog. I saw a dog behavior I’ve never seen. He would wrap his front leg around me, effectively grabbing me (this is a 150lb + Newfoundland) — which I could sense as a “please don’t go”. Even though I don’t need to feed him again until tonight, I think I’ll go by again in a few hours, just to reassure him and visit him. He has no idea what is going on (ixixlix is out of town at her mom’s funeral).

But the ash is bad. Earlier this morning I went out side (mask on) and got ash from the pool, which was just black. The ground is covered with ash. The prevaling winds are blowing the smoke and ash to the south and west… in other words, directly over Northridge. I know other LJ folks who live in the area (or who have parents who live in the area): my gut says you’re likely fine, as the Sesnon fire did create some new fire breaks. Still, embers can fly, so we all need to be alert.

As for me: I’ll stay indoors until mostly until we go to Pasadena tonight. I’ll delay laundry (and especially hanging stuff outdoors) until next weekend.