But Is It Good For The Soul?

I was tired of vegetable soup. Vegetable soup for lunch the last two days. Vegetable soup for dinner the last two days. I wanted Chicken in the Pot.

So, I attempted to find a Jewish Deli in Dallas. I went to the Chowhound Page, and started researching. My first thought was Cindi’s NY Deli, but the downtown location, which was near the hotel, closed at 3pm. So, based on what I read, I trudged off to Ed’s Deli.

Being cheap, I wanted to avoid the tollway, so I took surface streets along Preston Blvd. Went through what appeared to be pricey neighborhoods (with lots of McCain Palin signs, and only two Obama signs).

When I got to the Deli, it was in this large shopping center. Not that fancy, even plainer than Abe’s in Northridge. I ordered the Chicken in the Pot… only to be told they were out of chicken. So I had what was called a mishmash soup: chicken soup with chicken pieces, kreplach, matzo balls, noodles, and rice. The soup was kinda-bland, although it did the trick on getting stuff moving. The place was certainly no Brent’s or even Weiler’s… but what should I expect… it’s Texas!

So I’m back. One more day of the conference tomorrow, and I fly back to LA Tomorrow evening. Have you guessed what song I’ll be posting tomorrow yet?