Plant a Radish, Get a Radish, Never Any Doubt

The Federal infusion of support into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have had one side effect: rates have dropped. As such, we’ve started to explore a re-fi again, and this means we’re getting an appraisal. As such, I wanted the house to look the best, so this weekend I decided to do something about the large patch of dirt I dug up a while ago. So, this morning I went over to Lowes and picked up the equivalent of about 3 flats of various annuals: snapdragons, French mini-marigolds, impatiens, gum balls, and other assorted stuff. I then planted them all in the bed. Of course, I’m exhausted from all the digging, but the flower bed looks great.

[Of course, the one recent medical oddity struck again: for some reason, when I do work like this, my head just starts schvitzing and schvitzing. I keep a towel around, and drink plenty of fluids while I work, but it’s just annoying. I’m guessing it is a side effect of the beta blockers.]