Engineer Bill Has Taken His Last Train

Sob. “Engineer Bill” Stulla has died at age 97.

Folks who read this journal should know by now about Sheriff John. John Rovick was one of the better known children’s television hosts in the 1960s in Los Angeles. Along with folks like “Hobo Kelly” (Sally Baker), “Engineer Bill” Stulla, and others, they entertained and educated millions and millions of children. Well, Engineer Bill has just passed (although I think Rovick and Baker are still alive–we lost another one, Paul Winchell, quite a few years ago).

In memory of the good times he brought, I invite you (if you’re old enough to remember children’s television hosts on local TV stations), to share your favorite memory of children’s television, be it in Los Angeles, or other cities (Wallace and Ladmo, Capt Sacto, or the numerous skippers, captains, clowns, or cowboys out there). Did you watch Dusty’s Treehouse? That’s Cat? C’mon, share your memories and have a cold glass of milk for Engineer Bill.

Green Light.