Old Home Day

Today seems to be an “old home day”…

  • My email brought me an evite from a good friend from college, my “evil twin”. We were born on the same day, not that far apart from each other. Although we went to different schools, we had friends in common because he lived near one of my best friends. The evite was to his wedding: after 21 years of living in sin, he’s making it legal. I just need to confirm whether it is a family invitation or just me (as one can’t easily tell from evites). It is things like this that make me proud to live in California. I haven’t seen him since my days at UCLA (back in the mid-1980s); we almost got together in 2005, but circumstances conspired against us.
  • My cell phone brought me a call from another college acquaintance… although this time is isn’t my college, but my brother’s college. Yes, I had a brother; he died in 1970 when I was 10. In late 1969, he had started at UCSB, and Andy (who called) was his roommate. I visited them once in the dorms there — it was shortly after the BofA in Isla Vista burned (you kids can look it up). We lost track of all my brother’s friends shortly after he died. Andy found me a few months ago from the Internet. He’ll be down in LA over Labor Day weekend (he’s normally in San Francisco), and we’ll get together. I expect that to be interesting. I still have two paperweights that Andy painted and gave to my brother.