Web Stuff… In The News

Some stuff found whilst perusing the news sites over lunch:

  • A while back, there was this real neat video going around about a guy dancing all over the world. Now it’s made the New York Times, where there’s an interesting article on the backstory of the video.
  • If you are at all like me, you’ve been watching the imploding housing market with trepedation. It’s not that we have a bad loan, but we’ve been wanting to refinance before all equity is lost, but the rates haven’t been changing. One Internet site that has grown with the failing market is something called the Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter, which keeps track of imploded and non-imploded lenders. In some ways, it is like one of my favorite sites, the Las Vegas Casino Death Watch… but I digress. In any case, the popularity of the Implode-O-Meter has resulted in a writeup in the New York Times. The site should become even more popular.
  • We all know and love Google, the ever-popular mega-thing. We know their ever changing logo, and all the neat stuff they have. Now, thanks to the LA Times, we know how they name their conference rooms. In San Francisco, rooms are named after TV shows and movies. In Washington DC, one can meet in the “Secret Undisclosed Location” or the “Smoke-Filled Room”. Bathrooms in Santa Monica are named after characters from Three’s Company. Quite an interesting article. How does your company name your conference rooms?