Aging and Modern Media

As one gets older, one thinks about the past more often. Right now, with my daughter’s 8th grade graduation, it’s been on my mind, just as it was on my mind last November when I had my 30th high school reunion. So, this morning I created a group on Facebook for the UCLA Computer Club, and started trying to search for Computer Club folk (at least those I could remember). Now mind you, these are people who were technologically-savvy. They were some of the first folks on the Internet (back when it was just UCLA, BBN, and I think MIT). These were folks involved with the IBM 360/65 and IBM 360/91. These were folks using the net in the days of SFLOVERS. In short, if anyone from my generation would be up and active on places like Facebook (or here on LJ, or on MySpace, for that matter), it would be these folks.

You know who I found?

Three people. All of whom are CS Faculty, which means they probably have Facebooks due to their students.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m an oddity being so connected in this social networking world… (don’t answer that :-))