Hot Today!

As I type this, it is 101.8° with 10% humidity on our porch. The pool is currently 78°. My daughter is having a bunch of friends over tomorrow for a pool party. Good day for it.

So, in that spirit, courtesy of the mayor_of_tv, the five steps of coping with heat, as set forth in Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ book, “On Heat and Melting”:

  1. Denial: It can’t be this hot – Republicans say that global warming is a myth!
  2. Anger: G@ddammit, it’s blistering! I can’t work in a f@%&ing sauna! Who can live like this? (Add your own Al Swearengen riff here.)
  3. Bargaining: Please, God, just knock off five degrees. Five degrees, and at least I won’t be sitting in such a big puddle of my own sweat.
  4. Depression: I’m never going to accomplish anything today and then I’m going to lose my job and then I won’t even have the shade provided by the roof over my head. I’m panting more than my dog – what’s the point of going on?
  5. Acceptance: Ah, well, at least I’m losing some weight, so at least I’ll leave a slender dehydrated corpse.