She’s Growing Up

We’re now no longer the parents of a middle school student. We’re now parents of a high-school student.

Today, at around 9am, under the blazing (it was over 100°) San Fernando Valley sun, nsshere graduated from Nobel Middle School. There were over 800 students in the class (and 13 of them had A-E-Es in all subjects all three years), and we had to listen to every name called. But listen we did — with polite clapping. Other parents blew air horns, screamed in our ears, or walked into the shade to gab with their friends.

But she’s now a graduate. So where is she right now? At Nobel, of course, having gone back to 6th Period Drama class for the last time. Come July 7th she’ll start at High School, taking health, life skills, and concert academy.

I remember when she started Kindergarten. I remember when she moved to 1st grade at Vintage Elementary. But Middle School is where she blossomed, where she loved to love learning and school, where she found her passion (performing arts), and where she turned into a young lady from a little girl. I thank all of her teachers who helped her along this way.