Busy, Hot Day… But a Good Day

Today’s been a busy and hot day. And when I say hot, I mean over 100°F by 11:00am, turn on the pool for the summer hot. Still, I spent the day doing lots of work…


The first task was cleaning the house. My cousins have been over most of the week as their grandfather (my uncle) has been in the hospital. Over the last two weeks, he’s had three surgeries (the last being Friday night), but he’s now stable, which is good news. We hope he continues to recover. Still, that’s kept us busy, and combined with the construction, left things a mess. So it’s been a sweep and dust and laundry day.


I also did some work on the bathroom. Since I last reported, it is almost finished. All that is left is the inspection by the city, putting the moulding around the edge of the floor, and any final cleanup. We’re also still working on the shower door… we want a frameless or semiframeless, and the bids from our contractors suppliers were in the $2,200 to $2,800 range. So we looked on the Internet and called some local glass folks. We’re getting bids of around $1,400 installed, which is quite an improvement. So what did I do today? We want some shelving over the toilet. So I went to Lowes and got come ¾×¾ trim, and put up three shelf supports, and then primed them.

So what does the bathroom look like? Funny you should ask…

Tomorrow should be more relaxed: We’re seeing “The Full Monty” out at Santa Clarita Rep. Watch this blog for the usual review.