4th Annual Birthday Poll

Well, it’s that time again. Time for the 4th annual Birthday Song Poll. This poll determines the song that the Sheriff will sing to you on your birthday. Note that the Sheriff uses LJ as his recordbook, so you only get a song if you have your birth month and year in your LJ profile and we’re mutual friends* (so I get reminded of your birthday and you’ll see the post). I have tried my best to note the answers given for previous polls behind the cut. If you want to change those answers (or just confirm them), feel free to vote in the poll again this year. Note that if you don’t specify a song, then the Sheriff usually sings his favorite, the Birthday Cake Polka.

If you still don’t see your song, please let me know what the Sheriff should sing to you in the comments.

*. If I haven’t already friended you, note that I tend to friend people back if (a) their journal is interesting is interesting reading, (b) then tend to be regular commentors in my journal, (c) I know you in real life. Translation: I need to be able to be able to get a sense of who you are. So don’t be a lurker!

Here’s what’s been picked in past polls: