Quote of the Day

From a post by mayor_of_tv, on explaining the writer’s strike to children, on how to answer the question “Will my favorite show return?” (actually, the quote is from Lisa del Giocondo and Agostino Vespucci):

“Instead, tell your child: ‘Remember when Grandnana died after months of getting skinnier and skinnier and calling everyone “Sebastian?” Like her, your favorite shows will never return, either. But, just as you will always have pleasant and fond memories of Grandnana, you’ll also have happy memories of going to movies and sitting for hours in front of the television, watching fresh and original quality scripted material. And you’ll cherish those memories.

“But, slowly but surely, those memories will dim. And by then, you’ll be an adult, and the economy will have collapsed, and the environment will have been devastated by the effects of global warming, and militarized viruses will have wiped out seven-eights of the Earth’s population, with feral gangs of rabid zombies feeding with an unprecedented bloodlust upon those unlucky few who still remain, and you won’t have time for nostalgic memories of Grandnana or quality original scripted material. So lighten up already.’”