We’re Back From Perris… and we visited the MotherShip

We made it back from the Orange Empire. Today seemed to be a slow train day… at least on the car we were working (B on the Thomas Train), we had no passengers after 2pm. Paul says the second weekend of Thomas is always more crowded due to word of mouth, so I hope attendance picks up next week. However, we won’t be there to see it due to nsshere’s 13th birthday on Saturday.

On the way back from the museum, we stopped by the new Whole Foods in Pasadena for dinner. Evidently, this is a mother-ship Whole Foods (the region’s flagship), but not a DeathStar (the chain’s flagship). Their restaurant still has kinks to be worked out (and not the good kind): ordering was slow and confused. However, they do have a great GF selection (certainly much more than our local Whole Foods, which is in a converted Alpha-Beta). Naturally, gf_guruilla and nsshere wanted to explore and shop. I was tired from the day and fighting acid-kickback from something I at at OERM, but we did get a bunch of stuff (and I think they are happy).

Now, we’re home, and its time to toddle off to bed. Unlike the guvvies, I have to work tomorrow :-(.