Revisiting the Past

Tonight is my 30th High School reunion (yes, I graduated in 1977 from Pacific Palisades High School). I’m actually looking forward to it, even though I was part of the “Math Lab Crew”, not one of the “popular kids”. Perhaps it is because, over time, I’ve decided that what is important is that I like myself, not whether others like me. I believe that comes across now in how I interact with people, and I look forward to seeing those who I know. I look forward to seeing what they became, learning about their lives, and sharing what’s been happening with me. Of course, I’ll be directing folks here to my LJ, because I’m actually pretty happy with what I write here.

It is amazing where life takes one. I look back at the 10th reunion book, the 20th reunion book, and look at myself today… and aside from a little extra weight, I think I look better now than I did back in 1987, and certainly better than back in high school. I still have all my hair (something, from looking at past reunion books, that a lot of the guys can’t say). I still have the same wife (not everyone can say that). I have a great daughter, who impresses me more and more every day. I’ve been doing work I enjoy for almost 20 years, and have gained a positive professional reputation. So, for someone who was in the “out” group, I’ve done pretty well.

I know there are those reading this that don’t care for their high school days. To each their own. Me… if there were bad days, well I no longer remember them. I remember the fun. I remember celebrating “Soylent Green Day”. I remember hanging around the Math Lab with Mr. Schoenberg (son of the composer) programming in WATFIV and BASIC. I remember physics with Bill Layton, math with Ken Kay, english with Russell Smith. I even remember courses such as accounting, chemistry, and history.

So I’m looking forward to tonight. Now if I could just get rid of this damned sinus headache that’s been bothering me all day.

[Tomorrow, by the way, is “Day Out With Thomas” at Orange Empire Railway Museum. If you are coming out to OERM, nsshere and I are working from 10:30a to closing as Thomas Car Attendants. Stop by and say “Hi!”]