Halloween In Northridge

Last night was Halloween. Given we have a family that runs a haunted house across the street, we had loads of visitors (I’d guess between 200-250). We went through 99% of our five oversized bags of candy. Some observations from the night:

  • Have trepidation when your daughter wants to have some friends over to go trick-or-treating with her. The house was filled with about 13 girls and 2 boys, all around 13 years old, all very enthusiastic (read “loud and energetic”). I felt quite relieved when they started going from house to house demanding protection money.
  • You want more candy? If you’re in a busy neighborhood, arrive early, as I’m not aware yet that I may run out. Arrive when I’m on my last bag, and I’m rationing it so I don’t run out. On the other hand, if you’re hitting a quiet area, arrive late, because no parent wants that stuff in the household (for then they will eat it).
  • Make it easy for me to get the candy in your bag if you want it. Folks decry pillowcases or shopping bags, but for the loot, they are easy. Those plastic pumpkins are harder to hit the hole. Don’t get me started on the bags sealed at the top with the hole in the front: the hole is too small, and too hard to get your hand to. Remember to hold your bag open for me, as well.
  • I don’t mind the sexy costumes, but they have their time and place. If you’re a teen, save them for the house party with your peers. Don’t go showing your assets around the neighborhood. If you’re pre-teen, put on an age-appropriate costume, please. I’m sorry, but some of the stuff last night was just wrong.
  • On the other hand, we had some good scary costumes. Yes, we had a large number of reapers, devils, etc., but my favorite was two girls (best friends) who dressed as a stick and a ball on a chain, forever attached.
  • If you are taking an infant trick-or-treating, please think again. I know it is cute to see them in the costume, but we all know who is going to really eat that candy, don’t we. Further, if you’re not going to eat the candy, I likely don’t have anything age-appropriate. Hard candies are choking hazards to kids that young, and chocolate (as I recall) is to be avoided for 18 months.