Loss of Innocence, Take 2

Yesterday, I wrote about the loss of innocence of our youth, as demonstrated by schools prohibiting obviously fake weapons (utility belts, phasers, etc.) from Halloween costumes. Today’s Washington Post brings an article about different loss of Halloween innocence.

When you were young, how did you dress? A ghost with a sheet. Perhaps a superhero. Today, how are preteens dressing? How about a micro-mini black skirt and a form-fitting black and white-striped spandex top held together with black laces running up the flesh-exposing sides, with thigh-high boots? What about the Aqua Fairy, a vampy get-up with a black ripped-up skirt, black fishnet tights and blue bustier that comes in medium (fits a child of 8), large and preteen. The Funky Punk Pirate Pre-Teen, with an off-the-shoulder blouse and bare midriff? The Fairy-Licious Purrrfect Kitty Pre-Teen, which, according to the package, includes a “pink and black dress with lace front bodice and sassy jagged skirt with tail. . . . Wings require some assembly.” A “deluxe” sequined Dorothy dress that, unlike the chaste, high-necked one in the little girl size, was lower cut and had two strategically placed poofs of fabric? The Prisoner, a slinky spandex number with a little button at the throat and open chest like a ’70s disco halter dress? The Raggedy Ann, a blue mini dress so mini that the lacy underskirt barely dusts the bottom of the fanny. Other girl and preteen costumes mentioned include the Major Flirt in army green, the bellybutton-baring Devilicious and a sassy, miniskirted French Maid, pink feather duster included.

Mind you, this is for pre-teens. Not your 18 or 20 year old girlfriend, your sexy wife… but your 11-13 year old daughter [or even younger!] (at least my daughter is dressing reasonably, adapting her renfair outfit). Scary is out, and sexy is in (and parents are scared). As an aside, I wonder if this is because Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears have made sexy the new scary. Anyway, our society is so… so…. I can’t think of the right word. On the one hand, we decry child predators, worry for our children, make all sorts of laws to keep predators away, and even modify LiveJournal :-)… but then we let companies market sex to those that shouldn’t be worrying about it. Yet another loss of innocence, indeed, but I think this one is happening before the maturity to handle it is present.

P.S. to geah: I don’t think you can blame this one on the trial lawyers, the DNC, or even Hillary Clinton. Bill, maybe. 🙂