(meme) A Couples Meme

[Snarfed from theferrett, who snarfed it from docbrite… just the thing for a windy Monday morning when I’m waiting to head out for a doctor’s appt., and the news isn’t giving me the information I need (fire boundaries). This is a couples meme, so if you’re single, make something up :-)]

  1. Who eats more? Probably gf_guruilla, but I get more true junk food, being able to eat gluten.
  2. Who said “I love you” first? I don’t remember. It was just sort of mutual.
  3. Who is the morning person? Me, definately. I’ll wake up, without an alarm clock, at 5:30a. 6:00a is sleeping in. Given her druthers, gf_guruilla will sleep till 11am.
  4. Who sings better? I guess I do, as gf_guruilla admittedly sings in the key of “off”.
  5. Who’s older? gf_guruilla, by 2 years.
  6. Who’s smarter? In what? She’s smarter in some things, I’m smarter in others. We complement each other that way.
  7. Whose temper is worse? Hers. I rarely get angry and let my temper out.
  8. Who does the laundry? Mostly me. I collect, sort, and run in through the machine. About 70% of the time, I sort and fold as well.
  9. Who does the dishes? Me, again. I don’t mind it.
  10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed (from the point of view of sitting on the bed)? gf_guruilla. I’m left handed, and prefer the left side.
  11. Whose feet are bigger? I think we’re both about the same size.
  12. Whose hair is longer? Hers, but barely. We both keep it short.
  13. Who’s better with the computer? Me.
  14. Do you have pets? No.
  15. Who pays the bills? Me. I’m the Quicken-maven.
  16. Who cooks dinner? About 70% gf_guruilla, 30% me. Cooks night out is one night a week.
  17. Who drives when you are together? Depends where. She normally drives short trips; I’ll do vacation. Of course, now that I have the Matrix, I’d rather drive.
  18. Who pays when you go out to dinner? Here I’m not thinking monitarily, as all money is from the same pot. I’ll usually let her whip out the credit card, as I hate figuring the tips.
  19. Who’s the most stubborn? gf_guruilla. But she’ll say it is me.
  20. Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Me, but that’s only because she’s usually right.
  21. Whose family do you see more? I was going to say hers, but my uncle is giving my daughter guitar lessons, so we see him most frequently. After that, it is her sister and her folks.
  22. Who named your pet? That’s a personal question :-). Seriously, we have no pets.
  23. Who kissed who first? Don’t remember. Neither of us are that into kissing.
  24. Who asked who out? Probably me, but again it just sort of happened.
  25. Who stole question 25? No idea. How about the question, “Who is better in an emergency?”. That would be gf_guruilla, who keeps her head and knows just what to do.
  26. Who’s more sensitive? Me. I get misty eyed at many things.
  27. Who’s taller? Me, by about 2″
  28. Who has more friends? Her. I don’t have many close friends (although I’ve made many here on LJ)
  29. Who has more siblings? Her: three sisters, one brother. I had one half-brother, but he died when I was 10. I acquired three siblings as an adult when my dad remarried, but I’m only close to mommyathome and don’t know the other two that well.
  30. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Well, seeing as I wear pants exclusively, and she tends to wear dresses, the answer is clear. If you mean in the other sense, it’s about equal.