The Internet is for What?

Here are some, ahem, interesting stories in the news:

  • Late Tuesday afternoon, all Internet services for the State of California (i.e., were shut down by the US Government… after someone hacked into a unnamed county’s website that contained the domain name and redirected people to a pornography site. The unauthorized diversion of Internet traffic to pornography raised a red flag for federal regulators, who moved to shut down the entire domain until California officials prevailed upon them to reverse the suspension. ETA: Additional details from the Sacto Bee.
  • An Ohio state legislator was giving a talk at a high school in Newton, OH. He plugged in his thumb drive, and up came a picture of a nude woman. Needless to say, this wasn’t the sort of government presentation on how a bill becomes law that he expected. The legislator said the thumb drive was a gift he received about three weeks ago from a legislative liaison from the state Library of Ohio. The school’s technology director determined the stick had a directory of nude images in addition to Barrett’s presentation on civics lessons.

You know, sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.