From The “Going Back To The Well” Department…

Yahoo!News is reporting that Legally Blonde – The Musical is being written by composer Laurence O’Keefe, lyricist Nell Benjamin and librettist Heather Hach. This comes on the heels of an announcement that Legally Blonde is also being worked up for television syndication. Of course, according the reviews, Legally Blonde 2 was a flop (although the original was good).

Why? Oh, why?

Why can’t we come up with original ideas. Why must we keep going back to the same story lines and keep reinventing things. Although sometimes this works (The Producers, Hairspray), othertimes, it doesn’t (need I mention Carrie–The Musical or Gone With The Wind – The Musical). And even in the case of The Producers and Hairspray, they are now talking about making remakes of the movies (Producers, Hairspray) based on the musical. Well, if it worked for Little Shop of Horrors

And it is not just Broadway/TV. I did a geeklist on BoardGameGeek regarding this problem in games, especially those from Steve Jackson. Of course, it is Steve Jackson that gave us not only Munchkin and two expansions (Unnatural Axe and Clerical Errors), but Star Munchkin (and one expansion, Clown Wars), Munchkin Fu… and who recently announced Munchkin Bites and Munchkin Blender. Of course, these are all basically the same game rethemed, but people don’t notice that. He’s also done Chez Geek 1 2 3, Chez Grunt, Chez Greek, and this year, Chez Goth.

Have we used up all the original ideas, or have we just lost the ability to think critically?