Ahhh, Home

We’re back in Los Angeles.

Both flights were uneventful, and both actually left on time, and arrived at their destinations early. Kudos to US Airways; I haven’t seen this behavour from Untied.

Of course, our highlight of the day was our visit with otaku_tetsuko and kuni_izumi at the PHL airport between our flights. Sitting in the baggage area, we had a delightful lunch of GF crackers and cheese, hearing about the planning for kuni_izumi‘s upcoming marriage to corronerbob (where “upcoming” == 3 years), all the details of otaku_tetsuko‘s new house, and bringing them up to date on what is happening to us. By the way, wbwilkin, we have some keys of yours. Call us to learn the ransom to get them back :-).

Today is the usual post-vacation recovery. I’m going through the mail and paying the bills, unpacking the luggage. Laundry will wait, as the package with our dirty clothes hasn’t arrived yet. We’re also picking up our new recliner.