Observations on Nashville

Some additional observations on Nashville, on our eve of departing it for Memphis.

The city is lovely. Lots of beautiful houses on large green lots. In fact, if there was a color that characterizes this city, it is green. Green fields, green trees… and the warmth that comes with nature. I like this city; it feels like home. Perhaps it is genetic, based on old old family roots. Perhaps it is just the area. However, it is far too humid 🙂

The people of Nashville are delightful. When you hear about “Southern Hospitality”, it is true. The people here are extremely friendly, outgoing, and delightful to be around. They project that glow of caring about others. It is something I’ll miss back in Southern California; I think we’ve lost the Southwestern hospitality that Los Angeles once had; we’ve become a cold cold city. Los Angeles is not New York; we need to reclaim California Friendliness.

Now it is off to Memphis. We’ll see how they differ out there in the west. I wonder if the difference is as vast as the Los Angeles/San Francisco difference, or the Kansas City/St. Louis difference?