Inch by inch, row by row / Gonna make this garden grow…

Although Earth Day is tomorrow (and I’m one of the folks who remember the original one in 1970 [I even had the book]), I spent the day doing “earthy” stuff. Specifically: I worked in the yard. Yes, for the first time, a legitimate use for this userpic!

So, what did I do? First, I dug and turned over one large planter bed where we had yucky plants we ripped out. This was harder than it sounds, for (a) the bed was roughly 40’x10′, and (b) we have heavy, wet clay soil. So this task also involved adding some compost (which had to be dug out of the bin) and picking up 100lbs of sand and digging that in… which made nary a dent! The second task was planting. Today, I planted about 8 tomato plants, 4 zucchini plants, 2 lavendar plants, 7 mint plants (in their own exclusive bed), a rosemary bush, and 2 basil plants. All in all, a good days work. As a bonus, the weather held: it was chilly but sunny, with just the threat of some rain.

One odd thing, though… as I kept digging and planting, I kept finding whole peanuts. No idea why. Crushed peanut shells I could understand — they would help with clay soil. But whole peanuts?