So How Soon Will We See the Spam?

According to the San Francisco Chronicle (via the NYTimes), scientists have found a promising treatment for hypoactive desire in women (i.e., low sexual desire). The compound, called bremelanotide, is a synthetic version of a hormone involved in skin pigmentation, and it was initially developed by Palatin Technologies of New Jersey as a potential tanning agent to help prevent skin cancer. Studies in rodents demonstrated that the drug not only gave male rats spontaneous erections, but also fomented sexual excitement in female rats, prompting them to wiggle their ears, hop excitedly, rub noses with males and otherwise display unmistakable hallmarks of rodent arousal.

(1) How quickly will we be seeing spam for international sales of bremelanotide? While researching the links for this page (a quick google), there is already one for the “yes-yes-yes pill”. Sometimes, I think many representatives of my gender are slime.

(2) Given the number of i’s, l’s, o’s, and a’s, how many different permutations of the word will be created to avoid spam filters

(3) Just what I needed… an article on rodent arousal.

(4) Ladies… I would be careful if that male rat invites you to a tanning parlour.