(meme) Bottom 10% Userpic Meme

This was snarfed from… nobody. I’m inventing it!

1. Look at your count of userpics used, divide by 10, and round up.

2. Go through your userpics, and for that many userpics (i.e., your bottom 10%), post your least used userpics, and an explanation of what you would use that userpic for, if you used it at all.

OK, so for me, I have 105 userpics, so my “Bottom 10%” are:

1. Gardening.I did this one a while back, and I really like the transparency of the Route 1 logo. Unfortunately, I haven’t done that much gardening, so I use it very rarely.

2. Pork. This is from the TARDsite, and I find the sign absolutely hilarious. However, the context for actually using it as an icon is rare.

3. Anniversary. This is for “Happy Anniversary” posts (and an occasional TV cartoon post). I don’t do many of those, as LJ does’t remind you of anniversaries.

4. Two-gentlemen. This graphic from Two Gentlemen of Verona I planned to use for theatre posts. It just isn’t working out that way.

5. Foxy-faigin. I recently came up with the graphic, because I couldn’t resist. Haven’t found anyplace to use it yet.

6. Ca-hwy-1-gif. My original userpic. Now that it is no longer my default, I rarely use it on posts, though.
      7. Angry dog. I use this when I’m really pissed off, which doesn’t happen that often.

8. Drumcorps. I use this for drumcorps posts, which don’t happen that often.

9. Star-trek. For science-fiction related posts.

10. Dpf-work. An older picture of me at work. For some reason, I just rarely use it.

11. sympathy and tea – MF. Meant to be a sympathy and tea picture, but I tend to use my Charlie Brown and Snoopy hugs instead.

So what are your Bottom Userpics?