Playing on the Freeway

Recently, I’ve been playing on the freeway. No, I’m not referring to my commute home. I’m referring to the LA Times Bottleneck Blog (syndicated on LJ as bottleneckblog). There seem to be a bunch of folks on this blog that only see black and white: if it isn’t a fully built out underground rail system for Los Angeles, it is no good. Busway… no good. HOV lanes… no good. Light rail… no good. Never mind the impact or cost of the construction. Never mind the impracticalities of it. Equally, there are folks who think we should just turn everything into shimmering concrete: damn the houses or other impacts.

Of course me, ever the pragmatist and the historian, can’t stop from jumping in. So I have. What discussions, you might ask?

Wilshire subway, bus fare hike: No!
Longer buses on Orange Line
405 logjam
Freeway revolt in the Inland Empire
Carpool “snitch line”: Is it needed?
405 opposition moves to Valley
Beverly Hills Freeway: Revisionist history
Freeway conspiracy theory
405 widening: Here come the lawyers!

Yup. That’s me. Playin’ on the freeway.