What’s Happening In My World

This is sort of a status update; sort of a various and sundry post. No, you don’t get my sparkling wit–I’m too tired, and I think I left my wit in my other pants pocket. Today, I’m at wits end. No, that’s not right…

  • Tomorrow morning, my wife (gf_guruilla) is having cataract surgery. I’m not that worried, because she’s got an excellent doctor. It will be a little more expensive than normal: my wife plans to get the Accommodative Lens, and insurance only covers monofocal lenses. I’ll be home tomorrow from work to drive for her.
  • As you know, I attend a lot of theatre and have gotten much better at writing reviews. Today, one of our regular theatres has put my review of their recent show on their front page, stating “Your writing about the shows is honest and well done, and I am pleased to be able to provide that to our other patrons.” Such kind words indeed.

    I was also pleased to get comments on another review by board members and company members of ELATE. This is a company very similar to REP East. Small group, talented actors.

Well, I think it’s time to go scare up dinner…