Doors Closing and Opening

It’s getting near the time when one of our dear friends, otaku_tetsuko and her daughter kuni_izumi (and soon, kuni’s financee corronerbob) will be moving back East. Today we helped them move stuff out of our storage area back to their garage. Monday the movers come and take their stuff away, while Otaku and Kumi get in the car with their two dogs and get on the road. We will miss them, and we treasure the years of friendship we had with them (and we look forward to seeing them whenever they return to SoCal). Please keep them in your thoughts for a safe drive, good luck in Philly, and good luck selling their house out here.

Of course, we are getting some stuff from them. Some is tangible, like some books. Some is even more valuable, such as some friends we will be adopting. We welcome to our circle neo_tanuki and his wife Minnette; and wbwilkin and his wife Grace. They are all gamers (both board gaming and RPG), so I’m sure we’ll get them over to a games day soon (we’ll do one at our house, ixixlix, so you can meet them, but they will fit in with our group).

However, right now I’m sore from moving boxes. Soon we’ll go out for dinner, and then collapse. Tomorrow, it is Thoroughly Modern Millie in Simi Valley (an early start to six weeks of theatre!) and cleaning the house.