But do they make them large enough to fit over politicians?

A lunchtime news observation:

Previously, I had written about how NYC had been planning to issue NYC-branded condoms, and how they would have a subway theme. Well, they have gone and done it, with a wrapper that uses the subway style lettering. Specifically, the black plastic wrapper simply says “NYC condom” on the front, with each letter in a circle, like the letters used by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to denote subway lines. (The authority gave the city permission to use the letters, which are the intellectual property of the subway system.)

Not to be outdone, Washington DC has distributed 250,000 condoms to promote HIV awareness. They are in a purple and mustard-yellow package, with the message “Coming together to stop HIV in DC”. DC Officials had planned to introduce the new design on Valentine’s Day, which doubles as National Condom Day (betcha’ didn’t know that)…. but internal complications and bad weather allowed NYC to come first be the first municipality to issue municipal condoms.

I think this falls into the category of “So many puns, so little time.” So I’ll close with this one: Does anyone find the juxtaposition odd for DC: after all, here is a city issuing municipal condoms, while the best known residents would rather just pull out, but the President Bush and his VP Dick* insist on remaining in until they’re finished. Of course, many folks knew we should never have gone in there in the first place; or if we did, we really needed adequate protection.

OK. I’ll stop now. I’m here every every weekday. Try the haddock sandwich, it’s delicious… early in the week.

*: Thanks, whalejudge