The Answer Is Not Blowin’ In The Wind

I’m tired of these winds.

As you are aware, this has been the winter for weird weather. It has been warm in the Northeast. It snowed in Seattle. It has been extra-blizzardy in Colorado. And, unlike typical El-Nino years in Los Angeles, it hasn’t been rainy (we’ve had perhaps 10 rainy days since November 1). What it has been is windy.

Now, I’m used to winds in the late fall. We normally get bad Santa Ana winds (i.e., very dry winds coming off the desert, called an “off-shore flow”) in September and October. This is when we have our bad fires. But we’ve been having them all winter. Right now, according to, it is 69°F here in Northridge, with 15% humidity, and winds from the NNW at 29 mph, gusting to 38 mph. It sounds like they are blowing even stronger here. The noise and the dryness woke me up at 4:30am, so this isn’t turning out to be a productive day.

I’ve never really liked the strong winds. When I lived in West Los Angeles, I had a tall thin tree just outside my window. It was teathered at the top, so when the wind got bad there was a constant thump-thump-thump. I had something similar in our townhouse in North Hills, and our last house had loads of wind noise from the various trees. There I was also worried about the trees knocking down the power. Here, in Northridge, the power is less of a concern (underground utilities), but we are surrounded by trees, so there is constant noise.

The winds and the constantly changing pressure does a number of my allergies, my sinus, and a result, my head. I become less focused, and have a lot less energy. It’s something I’m getting quite tired of. The forecast shows the wind going away Tuesday, when it will reach 79° (in the dead of winter, mind you), then we have two days of showers, and the winds return. I hope things settle down soon.