What’s That In Your Holster, Pardner…

I fight the continual battle of finding a good cell phone case. I’ve tried the ones that come with my Nokia phones (Verizon), but the swivel always breaks off. Ideally, I would find one that I could use at work, at home, and as a belt-pouch at RenFaire, so I don’t have to squeeze my phone into my Oberon Designs pouch. As reference, I currently have a Nokia 2128i “candybar” style phone.

I currently have black leather cell phone case (Case #0). I’ve been using it for about 8 months now, and it is already starting to fall apart. The clip was ripping the soft leather in the back (superglue fixed that), and now the leather is coming off the clip. So I’m thinking about replacing the case. But with what?

  • Case #1. Texas Star Case ($30). This is a heavy-leather tooled case, with a large Texas star. If you look at the alternative view, you’ll see there’s a strong metal clip on the back. I’m not sure about the star, though.
  • Case #2. Silver Concho Phone Holder ($22.99). This is a saddle leather tooled cell phone cases with a concho and Velcro® closure. It has a belt clip, but I can’t see the quality of it. It may be too fancy for a guy’s phone.
  • Case #3. Belt-Mount Phone ($9.99). This is the simplest design, but it also seems to be a belt-loop only, which makes taking it on and off a pain.
  • Case #4. Saddle-Leather Cell Phone. This is a case made out of Grade A chestnut colored leather. They do not state the size. It has no metal clips on it; it is a velcro closure. Steel clip on the back.

Here’s are some pictures of the phones:

Case #0
Black Leather
Cell Phone Pouch
Case #1
American West
Texas Star
Case #2
Silver Concho
Phone Holder
Case #3
Phone Holder
Case #4
Cell Phone

So, which phone case do you think I should get. Remember, I’m looking for both day-to-day and faire usage.