A Special Friend in our Life

A little over 3½ years ago, a delightful young woman entered my life, and the life of my family. Starting as just a coworker, she has become “one of the family”, both a peer to us and yet an older sister to our daughter. A friend when we’ve needed her. Although she has her quirks and ideosyncracies, we all love her dearly. She is the reason you’re reading this: she’s the one that introduced me to LJ, and through her, I have met a large number of people who are on my friends list, and who have proven to be really neat people in real life.

Tomorrow is her birthday. Tomorrow the Sheriff will come out and sing her selected birthday song. But I wanted to give an early birthday wish today, and to encourage all of you to join me in wishing her a happy birthday tomorrow.

Happy birthday, ellipticcurve. No matter what they say, we’ll still trust you. [Update: Even if what they say has an off-by-one error :-)]